It’s the first day of the new year – and I already feel the lightness of the new vibes!

There’s playfulness in the air… Love… Joy… Wonder… and Peace!

Maybe this is the year when we make Peace with what IS, allowing Life to play us with Plenitude <3

I want to share a moment with you that I had the first day of the new year here in Northern Sweden. It was almost noon, I sang and played outside our house in the snow

Just a little later (when my phone had fallen asleep…) the SUN came out! Our days are pretty short here in Midwinter, and it was SO beautiful & powerful.
Suddenly several people turned up out of nowhere and we stood together in silence, receiving the first sunrays of the new year…
A moment of deep Stillness, Lightness, Connectedness, Love, Warmth, Simplicity, Appreciation – Plenitude!

I’ll leave it to your imagination… 🙂

May you & the world enjoy the gifts of your Essence in this new era!

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