22 02 2022 LifeTones for Heart Opening

A magical day with photographer Evelin Gyllenram (friggfreja.com) at Bäcksjön, outside of Umeå in Northern Sweden.

The New is calling us:
Come play Life in Joy & Lightness!

Allow yourself to arrive here & now before receiving these images and tones
Become aware of your breath, your body
You may ask your heart to guide you to soften relax, and receive

Heart Opening LifeTones Part 1: Calling the New

I was deeply touched, I laughed & cried as the tones subsided
Feeling so held and welcomed by the Earth
We are here now
We are who we truly are
our unique vibrations, on planet Earth
It’s so beautiful!

…and all of Creation is rejoicing!

Heart Opening LifeTones Part 2: Intimacy

Let’s allow our hearts to open & connect!
With ourselves, each other, the Earth, the Sky
~ the well of Love for everything, inside of everything

Let’s allow it to emanate
and pour itself into all of creation

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