Messages of Light in Advent: LifeTones of the Flowers

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Receive LifeTones of the Flowers in Advent – messages that connect you back to nature and to the Light & wonder always present within and around you!

Allow the LifeTones to tickle you, to play with you and awaken something deep within, something that’s uniquely YOU.

LifeTones are the vibrations of the Essence of a flower, the way I hear it and my voice expresses it. We will also hear some of the flowers “speak” their natural wisdom through vibrant LightSounds. It’s a play with the spirits of nature!

Each Sunday in Advent I will light a new candle in the advent candlestick and share the video & audio with the LifeTones of a new flower. You receive whenever you like!

Join through December 18th.

How Does It Work?

Each Sunday in advent, you’ll receive the short flower video and audio to your email. You can listen whenever you want, so the messages can deepen, integrate and really nourish & connect you whenever you feel it!

The LifeTones in this advent bouquet are between one and three minutes. Short enough for you to fluidly find time to listen.

I love our Swedish tradition to light four candles in advent: one each Sunday before Christmas. I’ll light each Sunday’s advent candle live on Zoom, and share about my intimate meeting with the specific flower of the day. We can connect and exchange about our unique flower experiences!

Everything is recorded, so you can receive whenever is the right time for you.


The first flower arrives November 27th, on the first Sunday in advent. The last one on December 18th, the fourth of advent. You can join until December 18th.

Singing & dancing Hare’s Tail Cottongrass/Tuvull/Linaigrette vaginée

What you get

FIVE FLOWER RECORDINGS, sent to your email every Sunday: 4+1 FlowerTones video & audio:

  • Small Cow-Wheat/Skogskovall/Mélampyre des forêts
  • Hare’s Tail Cottongrass/Tuvull/Linaigrette vaginée
  • Hibiscus: Pistil spin
  • Echinacea/Röd solhatt
  • Euphrasia/Ögontröst


  • BIRTH – guided meditation with LifeTones
  • Flower Foreplay – guided preparation to receive a flower

LIVE CALL to light the candle on Zoom every Sunday in advent: Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18, at 6PM CET (Swedish time)/Noon EST/9AM PT. Join live or watch later.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY (FB-group) – our sacred flower space where we can connect & exchange

Echinacea reaching the light

Investment – introduction price

50USD/500SEK (after you sign up you’ll get an email with info & payment link)

I’m so looking forward to sharing these amazing summer flowers – and you’re warmly welcome to join us! Just sign up below, before December 18th

YES, I want to join!

(Within 48 hours you’ll get an email with all info and a payment link)

With tones of wonder,


Anna toning with Ombrelles, Oka
Toning with Les Ombrelles, National Park of Oka, Québec, Canada. Photo: Dominique Giroux
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