Bluebell & Friends

INVITATION Messages of the Flowers: Bluebell & Friends. Dec-Jan 21/22

Dear friend, I’m inviting you to a journey with my heart project: the Messages of the Flowers, through LifeTones & Lightsounds!

If you’re open to receive something New, to deeply connect & see nature with the eyes of a child, to hear the yet unheard in nature and in yourself, to activate your inner flower – this is for you! You’ll receive high frequency sound codes that go beyond the mind, assisting you to open your heart to the gifts that each specific flower has for YOU

Yes, those gifts & messages are unique for each one of us. A flower will activate what resonates with the essence of her being within YOU – so you can remember that quality of who YOU are, in your uniqueness

Hare’s Tail Cottongrass dancing & singing on the mire

It’s been truly amazing to watch the first Swedish group blooming in this way:

”Anna, you give me access to a world I’m not sensitive enough to find on my own! This journey has been like a link to the essence of life. It has opened the soul’s portal to the little, simple flowers, who are mirrors of the greatness of life itself! Listening to their world of tones has given me peace and reconnected me to the Great Love”/ Moa Koskelainen


…it gave me a sense of belonging. I have lived a life where I have been so alone and done things my own way. The journey with these gorgeous and powerful flowers has showed me that I am part of the whole, of the big everything. That feels so wonderful!” /Agnetha Blomberg McCormack

I’m accessing more and more joy for each flower!”/Gunnel Holm Knuutinen

Anna, I deeply appreciate the gentleness you share in your energy. An allowing energy that makes people change just by being in your space”/ Anna Maria Isis Johansson

How the Messages Are Presented

I love to play in nature, immerse myself in the beauty of the flowers, tune in to the unseen, allowing the voice to sing & sound the essence of what I sense. This summer, I brought my handy recorder and camera each morning and recorded the communication in my intimate encounters with the flowers.

Yes, it’s super intimate, and it’ll open you up to be intimate with you! And with nature.

I edited the material as short videos and soundtracks. Everything is recorded in the field. It’s super authentic!

This is what it might look/feel/sound like:

Taster Excerpt for you to feel into it

I invite you to connect with your breath & heart before receiving this video excerpt of Bluebell 1. Slowing down will make room for the powerful subtleties of the experience (headphones recommended).

And here’s an excerpt from the activation: a guided LifeTones journey into the Green World, where the Flowers reside. We will receive it before we get to meet the flowers themselves:

Is the Bluebell & Friends Journey for You?

On this journey we’ll welcome high frequencies of new consciousness. We’ll meet ourselves deeply, as the flowers assist us to allow the beauty of our open hearts even more. Maybe you’re already familiar with LifeTones or sound, to communication between realms, to the spirits of nature (or you feel like a faery on earth 🙂
If you’re new to LifeTones or would like a softer introduction, you may want to join the Introductory Flower Journey starting in February 2022 instead (send me a note and I’ll keep you posted).
OR feel into it, and join the Bluebell & Friends journey now if your heart whispers so!

How Does it Work?

The Messages of the Flowers come as videos & soundfiles, typically 1-4 minutes.

You’ll receive one flower video link a week, with a three weeks pause between Solstice and Twelfth Night/vintersolståndet & Trettondan/. You can listen at your own pace and as many times as you like, until it’s complete.

I’ll post the flower video links in our private FB-group (or send by e-mail if you prefer).

We’ll meet in the introductory FB-live, as well as two live calls were we go deeper. During the calls you can share your experience, ask questions and you’ll receive harmonising & integrating soundbaths with LifeTones live. The calls are recorded if you can’t join live. //** For Swedish participants: Det går jättebra att delta och dela på svenska, både live (jag översätter gärna det du delar) och i FB-gruppen! **//

Bluebells & Sun
Plan (preliminary)
  • Dec 6 INTRODUCTION FB Live 6 PM CET (Swedish time)/Noon EST
    + Birth soundtrack posted
  • Dec 7 Flower 1 video + soundtrack links posted
  • Dec 13 Flower 2 posted
  • Dec 16 Harmonisation call with soundbath, 6 PM CET (Swedish time)/Noon EST on Zoom
    ~ Midwinter Rest between Solstice and Twelfth Night ~
  • Jan 10 Flower 3 posted
  • Jan 17 Flower 4 posted
  • Jan 24 Flower 5 posted
  • Jan 31 Integration call with soundbath, 6 PM CET (Swedish time)/Noon EST on Zoom
You’ll receive:
  • Birth: guided sound meditation
  • 5 flower videos (three Bluebell and two other flowers)
  • 5 flower soundtracks for those videos (downloadable)
  • recordings of our two soundbaths, so you can listen to them several times to assist your integration
  • recordings of the calls if you can’t make it live
  • assistance from me & sharing with others in our private FB-group

You listen & receive when it suits you. The soundbaths during the 2 live calls are recorded so you can receive them in your own timing if you miss it. Super fluid & simple!


2000 SEK/220 USD (can be split in two payments for an extra 50 SEK/6 USD)


This is going to be SO much fun – my heart is literally singing! Tell me here if you want to join, or send me a note if you have any questions.

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