Connecting LifeTones

Connecting LifeTones bring the new, yet unexplored, to you. They activate aspects of yourself that might still be dormant, or that already are active and ready to expand. They assist you to connect with phenomena in the outer world, allowing corresponding phenomena in yourself to grow and to flourish.

Are you ready to say YES to activating more of your potential?

Questions to play with and experience the answers to, beyond the mind:
What are you ready to discover?
What are you ready to explore?
In what ways are you ready to expand?

Choose Connecting when you:

  • feel drawn to it
  • are curious
  • are ready to allow something new
  • are ready to activate dormant seeds within you
  • are ready to expand your sense of reality
  • are ready to expand your abilities, gifts, and way of living
  • are ready to strengthen yourself and allow your power
  • are ready for an energy boost
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