Embracing LifeTones

Embracing LifeTones honour what IS.
The tones carry the loving power of unconditional reconciliation that purifies old notions. Melts away judgments, conclusions, limitations, expectations. Assisting you to make peace with what you see, so you can allow yourself to rest and embrace life in all its splendour.
To live in peace and receive the best of the best in the deep knowing that what you long for is already here – now.

Are you ready to say YES to allowing yourself to see the beauty of life?
Are you ready to say YES to allowing peace & harmony?

Choose Embracing when you:

  • feel drawn to it
  • are in judgement
  • are conditioning yourself or others
  • are trying to get satisfaction from the outside instead of allowing it from within
  • are fighting to change what’s ”wrong” or striving to achieve a result
  • sense that there is something there for you that you don’t allow yet
  • are ready to move from resistance to honouring what is
  • are ready to feel good unconditionally
  • are ready to allow the big answers, the big gifts
  • are ready to say yes to living in peace
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