Home in the Heart. LifeTones for Activation & Harmonisation

A three part Activation & Harmonisation for Heart Opening, with LifeTones and LightSounds

Welcome to receive heart opening voice alchemy to unveil & remember the Treasure of your Heart (=YOU!), your limitlessness & the connection that’s always here – from the Origin to HERE NOW in the body

You are Home in your Heart

Listening tips

I invite you to receive with headphones for optimal experience. Take a few breaths to become present.
Listen as often as you feel called to – the soundcodes will go deeper with you and integrate with time. The repeat function is great!

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Listen (orange arrow) or download (down arrow) below – and enjoy!

Take a few breaths to arrive
Allow your awareness to rest in your heart space
Notice & allow the sensations present in this moment
What’s it like when you simply allow them, without analyzing or judging?

“I am here now. What’s ready to be unveiled?”

Home in the Heart Part I
Home in the Heart Part II
Home in the Heart Part III


Recorded live March 7th 2023, as a harmonisation for the UNVEIL Journey Feb-Oct 2023. (Later edited, with no overdubs, only the original tones & sounds)

Thank you for keeping these tracks private.
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2023. All rights reserved

What’s your experience with these tonings? I’d love to hear from you! You can send me an email or a message here

With heart opening tones for you and all of us,


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