Home in the Heart. LifeTones for Activation & Harmonisation

A three part Activation & Harmonisation for Heart Opening, with LifeTones and LightSounds

Welcome to receive heart opening voice alchemy to unveil & remember the Treasure of your Heart (=YOU!), your limitlessness & the connection that’s always here – from the Origin to HERE NOW in the body

You are Home in your Heart

Listening tips

I invite you to receive with headphones for optimal experience. Take a few breaths to become present.
Listen as often as you feel called to – the soundcodes will go deeper with you and integrate with time. The repeat function is great!

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Listen (orange arrow) or download (down arrow) below – and enjoy!

Take a few breaths
“I am here now. What’s ready to be unveiled in me?”

Home in the Heart Part I
Home in the Heart Part II
Home in the Heart Part III


Recorded live March 7th 2023, as a harmonisation for the UNVEIL Journey Feb-Oct 2023. (Later edited, with no overdubs, only the original tones & sounds)

Thank you for keeping these tracks private.
©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2023. All rights reserved

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With heart opening tones for you and all of us,


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