LifeTones for the Plenitude Effect

Gift: LifeTones for the Plenitude Effect

Listen – activate – re-connect to the vibes of your Heart

…to the song that’s always there, ready to fill you, your life & the world with Plenitude from the inside out!

This is a free gift with LifeTones: short & powerful voice tonings.
Be still, listen, receive – and allow the expansion of Plenitude in your life.

These LifeTones were inspired by The Plenitude Effect – a project by Golden Heart Wisdom to activate & integrate the nine qualities of the heart present in every human being.

During this project, I received LifeTones for each of these inherent heart qualities : Love, Joy, Peace, Appreciation, Courage, Lightness, Compassion, Wonder & Care.
And for the three spheres they make up: Harmony, Vitality & Prosperity.

I hear and feel these heart qualities as music, and I sing my way to opening for & integrating each one of them.

Do you want to try?

LifeTones for Harmony: LOVE, JOY, PEACE

Try Love, Joy, Peace that make up the Harmony sphere for free. Just fill out the form below
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