Soundbath with LifeTones March 9, 2021

A relaxing & empowering experience for you to rest and gently allow yourself to be nourished by the power of who you already are!

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“The sounds and vibrations filled my heart with joy and peace… listening to LifeTones helps ground me back into my pure essence. I listen to them when I want to connect more deeply with myself, when I want to feel inspired in my work, when I need help trusting that all will be ok….they are immediately transformative and truly like no gift I have known before”/ Nicola Kettle Dehlinger, Colorado

How does it work?

You make yourself comfortable in the privacy of your own space, and receive the soundbath in your own way through your laptop/phone/ipad. I tune in to the group and play & sing what’s there for us to receive. There is also space for sharing your experience if you like.

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Tuesday March 9 2021, at 6-7.30 PM CET (Sweden time zone) on Zoom
(You’ll get the link and payment instructions by email after you sign up)

Yes, I’d Like to Participate in the Soundbath!

Soundbath with LifeTones for Renewal

What NEW wants to come into YOUR life?

Let’s come together, open up for new possibilities, sharing heart to heart, bathing in relaxing and renewing sound from gongs, crystal bowls and voice tonings!
New intimate online group starting Thursday January 21st.
In Swedish and English.

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Warmly welcome 💞🎶💞

Renewal through Sound 2021

Renewal through the Power of Sound & LifeTones

Eight weeks in an intimate online group, where we can share and meet heart to heart.

We will bathe in powerful harmonising & upgrading sounds & LifeTones that are deeply nourishing and assist our RENEWAL.

YOU are so very warmly welcome to join!

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It’s the first day of the new year – and I already feel the lightness of the new vibes!

There’s playfulness in the air… Love… Joy… Wonder… and Peace!

Maybe this is the year when we make Peace with what IS, allowing Life to play us with Plenitude <3

I want to share a moment with you that I had the first day of the new year here in Northern Sweden. It was almost noon, I sang and played outside our house in the snow

Just a little later (when my phone had fallen asleep…) the SUN came out! Our days are pretty short here in Midwinter, and it was SO beautiful & powerful.
Suddenly several people turned up out of nowhere and we stood together in silence, receiving the first sunrays of the new year…
A moment of deep Stillness, Lightness, Connectedness, Love, Warmth, Simplicity, Appreciation – Plenitude!

I’ll leave it to your imagination… 🙂

May you & the world enjoy the gifts of your Essence in this new era!

Use this precious time to enjoy the bliss of remembering who you truly are!
It’s right here, right now, within YOU

These awakening LifeTones carry frequencies for you to connect with YOU,
to allow forgotten parts of yourself to return & integrate within YOU,
and to resonate out what isn’t you anymore

//* listen in stillness for full energetic benefit *//

…suddenly I knew: there are LifeTones that carry the power to do for us what they did for little Vide, when he was born 3 months early. His mother texted me “Please Anna, sing for him”.
At that time, I didn’t understand. But it was critical – should he stay here on earth? So I connected with him remotely, and my voice knew.

Tones came… Soothing, gentle at first, then higher and higer, with more and more power.

…and he came back to his little body. Got well & strong!
I realised I had sung his LifeTones. Frequencies that assisted his Essence to be at Home in his body.

What if LifeTones want to do this for all of us? Calling the Essence for each one who says Yes? Now that we’re facing adversity and huge new opportunities?

I called friend & photographer Evelin Gyllenram. She got it and said YES!

We went down to the river Umeälven, the tones were there right away. Evelin captured it through her sense of seeing Beauty: the Sun, the Water, the Wind, the Earth, the melting Ice, the Trees, the Connection, and all that’s beyond words…

Play with these LifeTones – you may want to use them regularly until integrated.

If you want to receive YOUR own unique LifeTones I’d be honoured to assist! Check out

We’d love to hear from you! Send me an email, or connect with Evelin on Facebook, Instagram, or by email.

You’re Perfect Just the Way You Are!

Oh I forgot! That I’m OK! That I’m allowed be exactly where I’m at! That I’m actually perfect this way!

These LifeTones invite us to remember our beauty – and the Joy & Wonder of being who we are!

How does it feel to give orselves this kind of permission right now?

Aaaahhhhh…. love it! What about you?


What’s LifeTones?

“Your LifeTones are celestial…they lifted me and carried me to the clouds, connected to the divine, to all sentient beings, tingling all over my body. I feel lightness, peace, joy, everything is ok, everything is possible. I have hope. Wherever I was before the LifeTones, I don’t remember. I have a huge smile on my heart” /Arlene Broussard, USA

LifeTones appeared when Vide was born, 3 months early. It was hard for his body; he was so small and got very ill.

My voice came with tones – clear, light, joyful! – singing for him where he’d forgotten who he was and how much he wanted to be on Earth.
And he came back to his little body! Got well. Strong!

I realised I had sung his LifeTones.

That’s how LifeTones work. They become a bridge to Life. Singing for us where it hurts, where we’re stuck and have forgotten, or where we’re curious and ready to open up for something new.
Soothing, tickling, playing, knocking on the door, opening, lightning up the path to clarity, joy & lightness!
Simple LifeTones. Nothing complicated at all.
A bridge to the Heart.

This is what Vide’s LifeTones sounded like (excerpt, lutes by Daniel Fredriksson):

“LifeTones goes to the depth of your being to resonate OUT all that is not aligned with your highest expression of self/ highest truth, and allows it to release, while strengthening and calling IN all that is your highest life!” /Dr. Kim D’Eramo, founder American Institute of MindBody Medicine, USA

How can LifeTones assist you?

Since Vide, my voice has assisted many people in connecting, integrating & aligning with their Essence. Are you ready to receive your unique personal LifeTones? It’s a simple, playful and very powerful tool to live awake. I tune in to your Essence and give voice to your unique LifeTones. It brings Clarity and assists you in coming into alignment with who you truly ARE. Curious?

Welcome to download free LifeTones here!

Read more about LifeTones and their different qualities here. Or check them out on YouTube or SoundCloud.

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