Giving Yourself Permission to Be Where You’re At

A Guided Meditation with LifeTones to find peace when you’re struggling

Hey lovely, you’re allowed to be exactly the way you are!

Headphones recommeded to receive fully

You may use this meditation whenever you experience heaviness or contractions in your body, mind or energy.
It could be judgement – maybe you think you should be further along, do it differently, you’re a lost case etc.

Or use it to embrace any other heavy energies

Listen whenever called to (or whenever you avoid letting yourself off the hook!)

You are safe now
You can connect to the wisdom of your Heart
Become aware of what’s here now
You can rest right here, and just allow what is
Give yourself permission to be where you’re at
Let the words & LifeTones assist you
to rest in your Heart’s embrace

to receive the permission that’s already yours
to be you

What happens for you when you listen? I’d love to hear from you, just drop me a note!

With Love,


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