Playing LifeTones

Playing LifeTones are singing out of pure joy over the freedom of expressing without an intention of a certain outcome as the goal. They come to you with the joy of allowing life to play you and move through you freely, expressing itself through you just the way it wants to, in the ever changing now.

Questions to play with and experience the answers beyond the mind:
What is Play?
Who are you in Play?
Are you ready to open up for Play in your Life?

Choose Playing when you:

  • feel drawn to it
  • are stuck in struggling to achieve a result
  • are burdened with the belief that everything is on your shoulders
  • are curious what’s beyond judgement, expectations and ideals
  • are curious how life wants to express itself through you
  • are curious about who you are
  • want to have some fun
  • are open to let go of control and follow your guidance in the now
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