Renewal 2021: Online Soundbath Group

Renewal through the Power of Sound & LifeTones – Online Soundbath Group

Welcome to this intimate online group, where we can share and meet heart to heart! We will bathe in powerful & soothing Sounds & LifeTones for Renewal

So much is happening now in the world! I had the inspiration to allow this space where we can meet in a cosy corner, to share heart to heart, to be embraced where we’re at – to the sound of harmonising instruments & LifeTones… while upgrading and renewing ourselves!

What wants to be renewed in your life?

We don’t have to answer from the mind! Only open up and allow the tones & sounds to assist us in relaxing, receiving and letting it happen.

In this intimate, powerful online group, where we will bathe in powerful & soothing sounds & LifeTones for Renewal, assisting us to:

  • be at peace with what is
  • allow the old to dissolve
  • open up for new insights & inspirations
  • allow & receive the New
  • rest in the knowing that Life’s on our side

I sing LifeTones and play gongs, crystal instruments, singing bowls etc. The tones and sounds carry deeply relaxing, healing sound codes. They reach far beyond the world of our limited thoughts, thus opening our horizons and assiting us to integrate new possibilites. The vibrations become an inner bath that affects our systems on a cellular level – harmonmising and upgrading our being!

You sit or aie down comfortably during the soundbath. Or maybe you feel like moving your body, dancing – or sing along! You can turn your camera and microphone off, so it’s very private.

Except for a soundbath, each call also offers an opportunity to share where you’re at, if you like. Our space is allowing; me meet in the neutrality of the heart. You are welcome just the way you are, right now <3

We meet 5 times, every second Thursday: Jan 2, Feb 4, Feb 18, March 4, March 18
At 6-7.30 PM (CET)
Online (on Zoom)
Limited space

Investment 920 SEK (currency converter here)

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