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What’s Your Unique Lifetones? If you haven’t checked it out already, you can read more here.

Below you can choose the form for your session: remote, PLUS or LIVE. If you’ve received your LifeTones before, you can sign up for an upgrade (discounted).

Your Unique LifeTones Include:

  • Recording of Your Unique LifeTones (downloadable mp3-file)
  • Before session:
    – Video: Preparation, info about LifeTones and the process
    – Sound file: Guided relaxation to prepare
    – Pre-recorded LifeTones to assist you in preparing for receiving your tones
  • Same day as session: Video guidance about receiving your tones
  • Session: remote, PLUS or LIVE
  • After session:
    – 21 days assistance during the most active phase of integration, through videos, audios, words in your private online LifeTones Portal
    – Private community: Facebook group with assistance from me (videos, LifeTones on current themes etc) and sharings in a loving community of LifeTone travellers where you’re invited just the way you are
    – Integration group call online

Choose between three options for your LifeTones session, with different investments and levels of assistance: remote, PLUS, or LIVE:

Your Unique LifeTones Remote:

I do your LifeTones session when the tones come. I record them and send them to you by email. No time booking.
Investment Your Unique LifeTones Remote: 350 USD

Your Unique LifeTones PLUS:

Same as the remote session, with the bonus that we set up a time for the LifeTones session so you can journey along and receive the assistance remotely at the exact same time as I’m doing it. You listen afterwards when I email the tones to you. Session is about 1 hour.
Investment Your Unique LifeTones PLUS: Same as Remote plus an additional 70 USD

Your Unique LifeTones LIVE:

We meet on Zoom or physically for your LifeTones session. Live recording included. Session is about 30-60 minutes.
Investment Your Unique LifeTones PLUS: Same as Remote plus an additional 140 USD

Package if you’re relatively new to VoxAnna: Preparation Session(s) + Your Unique LifeTones

If you are relatively new to LifeTones and want to receive optimally, I invite you to book one (or more) private sessions to begin with. The session(s) will give you an initiation that will make way for higher/deeper aspects of your tones, when it’s time for them.
You may have one or more preparing sessions, depending on where you’re at and where the first session takes you. You can decide the number of sessions as we go along. Together we’ll find the optimal procedure for you.
Investment: same as Your Unique LifeTones plus private preparation session(s) including discount: 100 USD/session
Read more about my 1:1 sessions here

Upgrade of Your Unique LifeTones (if you received your tones before):

  • Recording of Your Unique LifeTones (downloadable mp3-file)
  • Guided meditation to complete your previous round and open up for the new
  • Videos for assistance before and after session
  • Assistance from me in our Private Facebook group
  • Integration group call online
    Investment Upgrade of Your Unique LifeTones 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 etc: 280 USD for REMOTE option
    The PLUS option is +70 USD
    The LIVE option when we meet online or in person to receive your tones is +140 USD (see above)

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