Soothing LifeTones

Soothing LifeTones come softly to you with a compassionate, nurturing caress. They assist you to create a safe space where you can relax and be present to yourself wherever you’re at right now. Soothing lullabies with love & compassion for your whole being.

What relief is available to you that you don’t sense right now?
What if there’s softness and gentleness for you right now?
What if there’s love and compassion for you right now?

Choose Soothing when you

  • feel drawn to it
  • don’t know where to start listening
  • feel stuck
  • experience heaviness, contraction, resistance in your body, mind or emotions
  • are afraid, feel disconnected or in fight-or-flight mode
  • don’t know what’s going on
  • are longing for a hug
  • have forgotten that you’re worth the best of the best
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