Free Package VoxAnna Life Tones!

I’m delighted to sing VoxAnna Life Tones for you!
You’re welcome to play with the free toning track in this package – what if the tones open up for new experiences of who you are…?
The pure joy of being alive
The peace in your heart
The love that is available to you at all times
The knowing that you are already at Home – whole and complete as you are

The Life Tones track in this package can be used as a sound bath, sound play, sound relaxation, sound experience or sound meditation. Or sound revolution! I invite you to listen in stillness, without distractions. Maybe you want to repeat it or return many times, to allow the tones to go deeper.

This is your content:
  • introduction to VoxAnna Life Tones – click here
  • introduction to the quality of the Releasing Life Tones – click here
  • listening suggestions
  • one Releasing Life Tones track: 
Releasing the Perfect Mother
. Download it here, or listen on-line with this private link
  • introduction to five qualities: 
Soothing, Releasing, Embracing, Connecting and Awakening Life Tones

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I wish you many enriching moments with the Life Tones!

Anna Kollberg

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