An invitation to receive and allow what’s already HERE NOW!

Yes, time to let that bursting bud open! [Swedish invitation click here>>]

In a sacred, powerful, playful Space, filled to the brim with vibrant, expansive frequencies of Life itself

Are you longing to experience who you truly are?
Through openness, allowing and the power of the heart
and let your true self be


Yes, come and experience what’s already vibrating inside: the Essence of who you Are!

That which germinates, grows and blossoms, following its innate rhythm when you receive nutrients and allow – like a flower!

accessible to receive and share the rich gifts of Life through you
Beyond working hard on yourself to have a better life “later” when all is fixed
Only by meeting yourself and life and what’s already within you here & now

With Power & Inspiration from Nature’s Cycle of Creation

We’ll journey together in an intimate group
from the sprouting of Spring Equinox, through the blooming of Summer Solstice, to the celebration and harvest of Autumn Equinox

My invitation to you

The Inspiration for this Group…

…sparked into form after a call with people who received their unique LifeTones during the month. They all came with the same theme: to be open, seen as who I Am, to be Vulnerable in such a way that I’m in my Power – the state when resources, inspirations and expressions can flow freely by the power of Life itself to me, through me, as me. And be shared with the world in my unique way for the benefit of all! Oh, how wonderful!

Here’s a sneak peak into the LifeTones group with my morning reflection after this call:

With perfect clarity I received the inspiration to invite to a sacred Space where the unique LifeTones of each participant awakens and gives a direct experience of the Essence of who YOU are – and assist you to be UNVEILED, in co-creation with the cycles of nature.

Yes, now is the time!

UNVEIL Offers You

Powerful activations & soothing harmonisations with the medicine of the new time: sound & voice alchemy – frequencies that resonate your natural Light within to awaken, in harmony. From energy all the way down to cellular level. Both in private & group calls.
Loving community & assistance in an intimate group, journeying together

You’ll receive Your Unique LifeTones twice – unique and powerful transmissions of your frequencies from Source. Your LifeTones touch that space within where what’s truly YOU abides. It’s a multidimesional, profound and very “simple” process, beyond words – yes, beyond what the mind can comprehend and value!

Dr Kim D’Eramo, founder of American Institute of Mind-Body Medicine, about receiving her LifeTones

You’ll receive your first of LifeTones around Spring Equinox. I tune in to you and allow my voice to sound the frequencies that are ready to be activated & integrated in you, here & now. Like the sun awakening the buds in nature!
The second set arrives when the first one has integrated and you feel ready (to be used through Dec 20, 2023).

Read more about receiving Your Unique LifeTones here.


Your Unique LifeTones x 2 (recording included)

Soil, nutrients, light:
  • Soundbaths x 9, monthly online calls with sharings, assistance from me with words & sound, LifeTones & LightSounds – frequencies for activations & harmonisations (calls are being recorded)
  • One-to-one sessions x 2 with me. Online or at Brännatjärn, Umeå, Sweden. With sound & tones tailored for you
  • Harmonisations between calls. Frequencies, themes and insights to assist you in our private community
  • Community (private FB-group) for sharings, assistance, being together
  • Tools & meditations for integrating the new in your day-to-day life

IS THIS FOR YOU? Live call with Soundbath for Unveiling: What’s ready to be unveiled in you and your life?

Video whole call with info about the UNVEIL-journey, soundbath, sharings:


SOUNDBATH only (audio with higher sound quality than the video above):

We Begin FEBRUARY 28th 2023

and celebrate completion October 3rd

Live calls second tuesday each month at 4-6PM Sweden time/10-12AM Eastern time/7-9AM Pacific Time

Except February (last Tuesday in Feb) and October (first Tuesday in Oct)

  • 28 Feb: HEART
  • 14 Mar: BODY
    ~ ~ ~ SPRING EQUINOX ~ ~ ~
  • 11 April: BREATH
  • 9 May: SPACE
  • 13 June: SENSES
    ~ ~ ~ SUMMER SOLSTICE ~ ~ ~
  • 11 July: RHYTHM
  • 8 Aug: VOICE
  • 12 Sept: GIFT
    ~ ~ ~ AUTUMN EQUINOX ~ ~ ~
  • 3 Oct: YOU

(Schedule may be subject to change)

The group is bilingual with both English and Swedish speaking people. For wonderful & powerful connections! I will speak mostly English. If you’re Swedish, you can share in Swedish if you like. I will translate when required.


160 USD/1600 SEK per month Feb-Sep

Spaces are limited, for an intimate group experience. So welcome to sign up as soon as you’re ready

Come as You Are!

You are welcomed and embraced just as you are.
No prior knowledge is required. I’ll guide all the way

Did You Receive Your LifeTones before?

This is a natural upgrade, since there are always new aspects of YOU ready to be unveiled and expand in our everchanging lives. Drop me a note if you’d like to talk about if this is the right timing for you.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Drop me an email or a message here or on Messenger. You can also see me for a free exploration call to feel into if we’re a fit, or try a one-to-one session. Just drop me a message.

I’m SO looking forward to this – I’m welcoming you from my heart to unveil more of the wonder of being YOU!

Anna klangalkemi

YES, I want to be UNVEILED!

Please note that registration is currently closed. Register below and we’ll be happy to notify you when it opens again for the next live or self-paced journey!


Your are responsible for your own health during this journey. VoxAnna’s products and services may enchance wellbeing and health, but they are not designed to replace medical, phsycological, or other proffessional treatments when required.

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