Welcome to Your First Free LifeTones Track!


I’m delighted & honoured to sing LifeTones for you!

You’re welcome to play with these free tracks, and allow the tones to open up for new experiences for you…
The pure joy of being alive
The peace in your heart
The love that is available to you at all times
The knowing that you are already at Home – whole and complete as you are

These tracks are gentle yet powerful sound baths.
To receive the most, I invite you to listen several times during 7 days to the first track. That way, you allow the old to dissolve and to integrate the encoded upgrade.

As you’re about to listen…

Create a safe space and give yourself a time frame that allows you to go deeper.
Make yourself comfortable.
You may put the track on repeat (add it to “next up”), or just be in silence after listening. You can download the track (use down arrow symbol in upper right corner of player).

Allow yourself to be still. Do it your own way, or follow my guidance: 

Take a few deep breaths, feel your body and relax.
Tell your body that you are here now. It’s safe.
There’s nothing you have to do right now. Nothing to achieve. Only be present to yourself, and feel that you are alive!
Here & now is already your destination
– you are alive, and your heart is singing just because of this 

There’s nothing for you to do with the tones
Just allow yourself to be open to receive; breathe, allow, experience

You may allow thoughts, emotions, physical sensations to come and go
It’s all well
You can notice without holding on or trying to make them go away 

As you begin, you may gently ask yourself, beyond thought:
What am I ready to receive?
and allow your unique LifeTones experience to be the answer

Afterwards, allow space for the reverberation of the tones.

Track 1. Embracing LifeTones: You’re loved just the way you are

I give myself permission
to be exactly where I’m at
embracing myself exactly as I am
in this moment

Jag ger mig själv full tillåtelse
Jag säger till mig själv
Min älskade vän, du får vara precis som du är

This track is of the quality Embracing LifeTones – read more here

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I’d love to hear from you! What do you experience with these tones? Do you have any questions or reflections? Curious about how VoxAnna can assist you?
Send me a note, and I’ll be happy to connect back!

Looking forward to sending the next track to you in 7 days!


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