You Are Here Now. Guided LifeTones Journey into the NOW by VoxAnna

** Audio below. Receive with (good) headphones for optimal experience **

A voice alchemy harmonisation co-created with Love for Hike for Humanity – a Sparkling Joy Collaboration hosted by Dr Nicole Bailey

Welcome to play with this audio as it is, or join a free Hike for Humanity event (see below)!

Sound Harmonisation: You Are Here Now

You are here now
Heart beating
In a body
Sensing, receiving
Expressing, contributing

Let’s embrace all of it and experience life fully!

LifeTones voice alchemy by Anna Kollberg

Welcome to participate in Hike for Humanity (for free) wherever you are in the world:

  1. Open, harmonise & receive: listen to the LifeTones Sound Harmonisation above
  2. Go hiking (= move in a way your body appreciates here & now) and EMBODY the high vibrations while celebrating life just as it is in this moment!
  3. Share your experience (if you like) and connect with other hikers in the Hike for Humanity community

First Hike: Nov 23 2023 at 9AM Eastern Time/3PM Central European Time (kl 15 svensk tid) – a Sparkling Joy Collaboration!

Check out Hike for Humanity for a short video inspiration and more

“HIKING MEANS moving in a way your body appreciates – dancing, walking, jogging, cooking, gardening, hiking, etc. This is an invitation to play with embodying high frequencies, to inspire, and to be inspired while you move in the world. Your state of being will nourish every cell in your body, thereby contributing to all of humanity” /Dr Nicole Bailey

Stay tuned for more high vibrational sound alchemy from VoxAnna

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Looking forward to staying connected! /Anna

©Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna 2023. All rights reserved

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