Use this precious time to enjoy the bliss of remembering who you truly are!
It’s right here, right now, within YOU

These awakening LifeTones carry frequencies for you to connect with YOU,
to allow forgotten parts of yourself to return & integrate within YOU,
and to resonate out what isn’t you anymore

//* listen in stillness for full energetic benefit *//

…suddenly I knew: there are LifeTones that carry the power to do for us what they did for little Vide, when he was born 3 months early. His mother texted me “Please Anna, sing for him”.
At that time, I didn’t understand. But it was critical – should he stay here on earth? So I connected with him remotely, and my voice knew.

Tones came… Soothing, gentle at first, then higher and higer, with more and more power.

…and he came back to his little body. Got well & strong!
I realised I had sung his LifeTones. Frequencies that assisted his Essence to be at Home in his body.

What if LifeTones want to do this for all of us? Calling the Essence for each one who says Yes? Now that we’re facing adversity and huge new opportunities?

I called friend & photographer Evelin Gyllenram. She got it and said YES!

We went down to the river Umeälven, the tones were there right away. Evelin captured it through her sense of seeing Beauty: the Sun, the Water, the Wind, the Earth, the melting Ice, the Trees, the Connection, and all that’s beyond words…

Play with these LifeTones – you may want to use them regularly until integrated.

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