Messages of the Flowers

Welcome to experience nature, flowers, yourself and music in a new, deeply nourishing way!

I hear the inner song of the flowers – I listen and I sing along to give voice to their LifeTones.
Voice tonings made in the field.

An expression of their very Essence.

You receive LifeTones of the Flowers through powerful & playful audios and videos.

Through these new tonalities, you can unveil new facets of yourself, nature & life.
Awaken and deepen connection with your Heart’s purest inner qualities, with your Truth & Wisdom.
The LifeTones & LightSounds carry unique experiences & messages for you specifically.

I’m toning with Heather/Ljung/Bruyère (yes, a butterfly on my cap!)

“Beautiful and powerful in a way I had never expected” /Agnetha Blomberg McCormack, Scotland

“A connection to the essence of life. …it has given me peace and reconnection to The Great Love” /Moa Koskelainen, Sweden

Anna, people change just by being in your space”/ Anna Maria Isis Johansson, Sweden

”Anna, with your unique qualities, you have assisted me/us to come closer to ourselves, our hearts. And your skills to create those tonings!!! Twinflower #2 was incredibly beautiful, a choir of angels!! Where everything’s in tune, and everyone’s joining the same harmony. Wow, there we all are in wonderful, beautiful unity! It’s a masterpiece that should reach everyone’s ears…” /Gunnel Holm Knuutinen, Sweden

Upcoming LifeTones of the Flower Events

Messages of Light in Advent – Click here to learn more

FlowerTones in Advent

Tasters of LifeTones of the Flowers

LifeTones of Hibiscus

A journey in five parts:
1 Bud
2 Opening
3 Pistil
4 Spin of the Pistil
5 Withering

Tasters of the LifeTones of these phases are on VoxAnna’s TikTok and (some of them) on YouTube.

The complete Hibiscus toning will be available soon.
Send me a message if you want to know when it’s time!

Meanwhile, here’s a short taster from the conclusion of part 3, pistil:

LifeTones of Hibiscus (taster)

(Or click here to watch)

Interview: Cycle of Creation in Action (LifeTones of the Flowers Project)

I’m sharing about my journey from the head to the Heart and how it led to the Flower project in this interview with Sylvie Olivier, Golden Heart Wisdom. With a short video with LifeTones of Bluebell too! Watch here

Interview Anna Kollberg

Tasters from The Messages of the Flower Journeys

I invite you to connect with your breath & heart before receiving these videos & sounds! Slowing down will take you beyond the limited mind and make room for the powerful subtleties of the experience (headphones recommended)

Birth. Guided LifeTones Journey

A taster from Birth – our activation for the flower journeys. This is where we are born – birthed from the Tone of Creation into a body on the planet, where we enter the Green World and all the flowers:

Arctic Starflower/Skogsstjärna/Trientale d’Europe

The bud of the Arctic Starflower/Skogsstjärna/Trientale d’Europe is welcoming you to the Green World:

Twinflower/Linnéa/Linnée boreale – Deepening Journey

Here, Twinflower comes with both LifeTones and the vibrant LightSounds – a language of the heart that carry soundcodes for anyone who’s ready to receive the New and listen oustide the box. If you feel the tinglings from this, check out the deepening Twinflower journey starting February 7, 2022! (Swedish info here)

Recording of Free Flower Soundbath Thu Feb 3 to experience & learn more

Feel into the vibes & space, and I’ll share some more about the Twinflower journey! Access the recording (available until Feb 6th) HERE. (Passcode: t*4Q4H+C)

Previous Flower Journeys (coming soon as downloads):

Exploration Journey: Messages of Twinflower/Linnéa/Linnée boreale. Feb 7-Mar 4 2022

A more easily accessible journey – maybe you’re new to LifeTones & sound, or feel like having a more soothing experience. A beautiful way to meet the flowers, yourself & the Song singing inside of everything in creation! A heart-opening journey! Click here to learn more and listen to a taster

Deepening Journey: Messages of Twinflower/Linnéa/Linnée boreale. Feb 7-Mar 28 2022

We will go deeper within and also receive the super playful LightSounds. Plus three expansive live soundbaths for Activation, Connection & Integration. Join if you feel ready to open your heart & ears for the New, and to allow the soundcodes to awaken/deepen new aspects of who you are and how you perceive nature & your world! (No previous experience required) Click here to learn more and listen to a taster

LifeTones of the Flowers: Bluebell & Friends

Bluebells & Sun


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I’m SO looking forward to sharing the Messages of the Flowers with YOU!

With blooming sounds of Joy & Lightness!


Toning with wild Goldenrod in autumn

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