LifeTones of Twinflower {Self-guided journey)

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Let Twinflower touch and awaken something new in you in this self-paced, vibrant flower journey with LifeTones, LightSounds, soundbaths & light codes!


Twinflower is here to communicate & play with us!

To wake us up!
They have a message that’s unique for you
something that only you can receive, decode and be in the world

The message is their touching something deep in you
reminding you of the wonder & magic of life
and of your connection with nature & everything around you
– so that it can awaken, deepen and be lived, through you, as you!

This journey assists you to bridge the realm of the flowers and your physical reality. For you to experience even more of the wonder & beauty of Life!

Hear Dominique’s experience:

It’s been such a joy and honour to follow the previous flower groups:

“A connection to the essence of life. …it has given me peace and reconnection to The Great Love.
Anna, you give me access to a world I don’t have the sensitivity to experience on my own” /Moa Koskelainen, Sweden

“Beautiful and powerful in a way I had never expected!” /Agnetha Blomberg McCormack, Scotland

Anna, I deeply appreciate your gentleness. It allows people to change just by being in your space.
Through the energies of the flowers, the softness combined with the power, I accessed the same within myself
”/ Anna Maria Isis Johansson, Sweden

”Seeing myself in the flower – the delicate that also has the power to endure hard weather – has filled me with more and more joy for each flower toning! Then the wonderful completion with a sense of deep peace. Peace with all that is” /Gunnel Holm Knuutinen

What is LifeTones of Twinflower?

Within each flower, there’s a vibration, a “song”.
When I meet Twinflower in the forest, intimately, I tune in to this Essence and to what wants to be communicated. I hear the Music – and my voice does what it’s made for: answers with LifeTones & LightSounds, frequencies that transmits the flower’s vibrant “message”.

I hit RECORD, and that’s how the videos and audios are co-created! (I always carry my camera and handy recorder, to be ready!)

High-vibe recordings that make us laugh, giggle, cry, jump, dance, remember, be still – and more!

Through resonance they activate the corresponding frequencies in you.

Twinflower is here to open our hearts for the magic of our reality – inside and all around us
A reality vibrating with love, where The Song of Life is always resonating…

Receive this downloadable journey with a series of Twinflower LifeTones, soundbaths & meditations at your own pace

At the core are five LifeTones of Twinflower videos/audios  – and your own experiences while watching and listening.

But first of all there’s BIRTH: a wonder-filled guided LifeTones Collage Journey (audio) that’s the beginning of it all.

You will also receive three pre-recorded soundbaths to assist you through the phases of this journey: Activation, Connection & Integration.

Moreover, I share additional assistance in a series of videos.

You will be invited to our blossoming private community for everyone who received LifeTones of the Flowers. A sacred space to share, receive and get together. Occasionally I do live calls with soundbaths in the group so we can connect live!


  • 4 Twinflower LifeTones & LightSounds videos + audios (1.30 – 4 min)
  • 1 Twinflower LifeTones & LightSounds audio (4 min)
  • 3 prerecorded live soundbath audios (23-30 min)
    with 3 introduction videos (approx 10 min each), assiting your through the phases of INTEGRATION, CONNECTION, ACTIVATION
  • 1 Guided LifeTones collage wonder-filled Journey: BIRTH (audio 10 min)
  • 1 Flower Foreplay meditation audio (5.30 min)
  • A series of videos to assist you
  • Community & assistance in our private FB-group (with live calls and soundbaths occasionally)

Plus possibility to book 1:1 sound session with me (online or in person) with 15% discount (valid 2 months after registration)

Your pace

When this journey was live, we had one module (a flower or soundbath) per week for eight weeks. You may follow this pace, or find your own. Many people love to listen to the same flower a short moment each day until it feels integrated before moving on.

The LifeTones of Twinflower are short and concentrated (1.30 – 4 minutes). The soundbaths are 23-30 minutes.

All flowers & soundbaths are downloadable so you can have them on your phone!

Most of the content was recorded when this journey was live.
All content is in English.