What do people say?

My deepest appreciation for each and everyone of you who I had the honour of co-creating with in the expansion of the Symphony of Life! YOU are amazing!

Dr Kim D’Eramo, founder of American Institute of Mind Body Medicine, about receiving her LifeTones:

Annika Döse, Sweden, Inner Truth Guide at vi-be.se

More About LifeTones

About Your Unique LifeTones:

“I love my LifeTones and feel complete and whole when I listen. (…) I feel Plenitude. They allow me to feel all qualities of the heart at once.
The first time I listened, I immediately burst into tears as the first note came out of your mouth. It was like my soul was aching for them somehow, like a reuniting of two people that hadn’t seen each other in years had finally come face to face..
I also notice a feeling of transcendence when listening. I’m able to tap into all the truths of Divinity. It’s very powerfully potent!” /Nicole Bailey, Pennsylvania, USA

Marie J Ytterman, mother of Stina, who’d had epileptic cramps for 3-4 weeks before the session:

Amazing, Stina shifted immediately. From being EP absent, she came back and started to laugh and play around.
(…) she started to smile and listen immediately. Then she went as if into deep meditation on the verge of falling asleep. But towards the end of the last soundfile she was completely back here, laughing & hugging.
She really enjoyed your toning
(…) This is a personal alignment for remembering your whole self – a gift” /Marie Christina, founder of mariechristina.com, Varberg, Sweden

”…I got amazing reactions right away. I’m enjoying them every day without exception!”/ Gunnel Holm Knuutinen, Lund, Sweden

”…I loved them right away. It was like remembering myself. Tears were falling. I felt so proud of my LifeTones (and therefore of myself!) – that they sounded exactly like THAT! I felt it was so beautiful.
To me, they’ve been a reminder of who I am. A reminder of my origin, my essence. All that’s pure and clear in me, and all the joy, life and power”/ Sandra Andersson, Varberg, Sweden

”…a totally amazing and magical experience!”/ Marie, Vindeln, Sweden

”I felt joyful, open, vulnerable. It was so incredibly beautiful. And also a bit weird, which made me chuckle. Tenderness towards myself and appreciation for Anna”/ Vivian, Göteborg, Sweden

”…a knock out! Wow!” /Lina, Lund, Sweden

”I love my LifeTones! They really move me in my depths.
(…) I cried, I was so deeply touched. After a while I was so joyfull that I laughed. Then I felt so strong and powerful, an inner power. Towards the end I felt vulnerable and humble… it was so inceribly beautiful and peaceful!!”/ Marie, Vindeln, Sweden

More about LifeTones and VoxAnna Voice Alchemy

“…it’s like candy for the ears and essence!!! It’s so joyful and calm, powerful and invigorating. I could listen to your voice all day long! Thank you for sharing your hypnotizing and mesmerizing voice!
The embracing series felt warm and gentle, soft and loving, like a mother’s love, strong, powerful, yet so tender and embracing!” /Sandy Aubry, Quebec, Canada

“OMG!! SOOO incredibly peaceful. I found it very soothing in the way that I feel when I know we are all connected and that all is perfect” /Nicole Bailey, USA

Thank you all, I’m deeply honoured to be assisting you – you are all miracles and you simply make my heart siiing! /Anna

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