LifeTones of Mjölkört/Fireweed/Épilobe

The very first flower video I was being part of!

Me and photographer Evelin Gyllenram went to Arboretum Norr, in Baggböle, northern Sweden. It was a day in early August 2019. She brought her camera and I had the handy recorder.

Fireweed was calling my attention immediately. Tones came right away and Evelin was quick to press record – her hands full with the camera and the handy recorder (we had no stand…) 🙂

It was over in a few minutes – and we laughed as we realised we both happened to be wearing fireweed coloured clothes that day!

Thank you Evelin, and lovely Fireweed!

Get in touch with Evelin at

22 02 2022 LifeTones for Heart Opening

A magical day with photographer Evelin Gyllenram ( at Bäcksjön, outside of Umeå in Northern Sweden.

The New is calling us:
Come play Life in Joy & Lightness!

Allow yourself to arrive here & now before receiving these images and tones
Become aware of your breath, your body
You may ask your heart to guide you to soften relax, and receive

Heart Opening LifeTones Part 1: Calling the New

I was deeply touched, I laughed & cried as the tones subsided
Feeling so held and welcomed by the Earth
We are here now
We are who we truly are
our unique vibrations, on planet Earth
It’s so beautiful!

…and all of Creation is rejoicing!

Heart Opening LifeTones Part 2: Intimacy

Let’s allow our hearts to open & connect!
With ourselves, each other, the Earth, the Sky
~ the well of Love for everything, inside of everything

Let’s allow it to emanate
and pour itself into all of creation

Cycle of Creation in Action! I’m Sharing Flower LifeTones & My Journey

Here I am – sharing my journey, and a taster from The LifeTones of the Flowers project!
How I went from fear of being seen to sharing from my heart with the world 💓🎶💓

My mentor, Sylvie Olivier from Golden Heart Wisdom asked if we could do an interview about this journey from the head to the Heart, and how it allows me to flow with the Cycle of Creation in my projects.

I told her yes, but really…. I wasn’t even in my head before – there was so much fear in the body that I spent most of the time outside of it!

And now, here I am. In my body. In my space. Knowing I’m already at Home, held in my Heart – even when I doubt it! 💖

I love the projects coming out of this deepened connection with who I am. I love the love I access, wherever I’m at. I love to share my Joy and Wonder – what makes my heart sing!

In this interview I’m also sharing LifeTones of Bluebell from the Green World Project. Thank you dear Sylvie Olivier for another lovely heart-to-heart chat – and for providing a powerful heart space for expansion!

Interview Anna Kollberg
Click here to watch the interview

Are you curious of LifeTones and Lightsounds of the Flowers?

Check out the LifeTones of Twinflower/Linnéa/Linnée boréale journey, which has just begun. We just received the wonder-filled Birth meditation, through the Tone of Creation into The Green World. Registration’s open a little longer (Swedish: click here)

More upcoming LifeTones of the Flowers events: click here

See you in the The Green World! /Anna

Anna toning Fireweed/Mjölkört/Épilobe
Anna toning Fireweed/Mjölkört/Épilobe

Messages of the Flowers: Twinflower/Linnéa/Linnée boreale

LifeTones for Your Inner Flower

Messages of Twinflower

Welcome to a journey of discovery with Twinflower in The Green World!

Twinflower is dancing, playing, swaying, singing in the soft summer’s breeze – inviting us to be touched in our hearts, to unveil the magic & wonder of our own inner Flower

In co-creation with Twinflower, I invite you to a journey where you’ll receive LifeTones of this little magnificent flower.

“Beautiful and powerful in a way I had never expected” /Agnetha Blomberg McCormack

“A connection to the essence of life. …it has given me peace and reconnection to The Great Love” /Moa Koskelainen

Anna, (…) people change just by being in your space”/ Anna Maria Isis Johansson

Are you curious to be touched by the whispers of nature? To allow its resonance to remind you of something that’s within you too?

You’ll receive short, vibrant videos and soundtracks with LifeTones – co-created in nature in my intimate encounters with the flowers.

You have two options, with different qualities:

  • The Introducing Journey
    is more easily accessible – maybe you’re new to LifeTones & sound, or feel like having a more soothing experience. A beautiful way to open up to meet the flowers, yourself & the Song singing inside of everything in creation! A heart-opening journey! Read more here
  • The Deepening Journey has a few more flower videos of a higher vibe. If you’re ready to go deeper and “listen outside the box”, this is for you! It’s built around three live soundbaths – with LifeTones, gongs, crystal instruments – when we meet online for: Activation, Connection, Integration. A powerful & allowing space for connection, sharings & fantastic frequencies for expansion! Read more here

Q&A + Free Flower Soundbath Recording

I’m sharing a soundbath and details about the Twinflower journey.
Watch the recording HERE (Passcode: t*4Q4H+C)

Short Taster

From one of the soundtracks in the Introducing Twinflower Journey (for tasters from the Deepening Journey, click here). Headphones recommended; relax, breathe and be open to receive:

Do you feel something moving inside…?

We begin February 7th 2022. Read more (and listen to a taster from the LightSounds in the Deepening Journey) here

I look forward to seeing you in The Green World!


All Saints’ Day: LifeTones in Honour of Our Loved Ones Who Transitioned

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, allow your heart to open, and rest in this piece of gentle & profound soundhealing & voice alchemy

Today I’m honouring our loved ones who transitioned into other realms

You are so close
I feel you in my heart
Thank you
I love you


You were so right Dad, when you said
“This is only a body
There is only life”


With deep Appreciation to Mamma, Pappa, Matilda, Moses


E-TREAT: Embraced by Harmony, Nov 14th 2021

To Be Embraced by Harmony...

Welcome to deepen your connection with the source of harmony within you

Yes! It’s already inside of us, what we’ve so often been seeking outside!

Welcome to this unique E-TREAT with soundbaths, LifeTones, sharings, humming and heart-to-heart connection in an intimate group. This is a powerful space for connecting back to the Harmony residing within YOU – and allowing it to expand!

Come exactly as you are. Allowing what is & giving ourselves permission to be exactly where we’re at, is our key to Harmony. Right there, we’ll invite Harmony to embrace us fully as we are, so we can rest with what is instead of trying to fix or fight it!

Feels good, right? With that relaxation & opening, our inner Harmony will expand. Life can play its magic with us to allow deeper experiences of Harmony as well as new, harmonious, outer circumstances in our lives. Sound & LifeTones will assist you with this relaxation, so you’ll receive even more of the vibrant gifts they have for YOU.

This is something you already know. I’m only here to remind you. Makes my heart sing to be connecting heart-to-heart!

We’ll Invite & Connect with:

  • the pure Love that’s at the core of each one of your cells – the very fabric you’re made of
  • the unconditional Joy that’s always present in your being – the no-matter-what-Joy of Life being alive, as you
  • the unconditional Peace, the underlying profoundly peaceful current in your being, the eye of the storm, the knowing that you already are at home, even when you forget and only feel chaos
  • the Harmony that’s your true nature, waiting for you to allow it to embrace you exactly where you are

You’ll Receive Assistance with Your Harmony Connection thorugh:

  • soundbaths (soundfile from our unique soundbath included)
  • LifeTones
  • guidance

I’ll Guide You to Your Unique Harmony Connection through:

  • relaxation
  • heart-centered breathing
  • humming (if you like)
  • gentle movement to facilitate the flow of harmony within your system

How does it work?

For the soundsessions, you rest comfortably in your space while I’ll play and sing LifeTones (read more here). I use instruments that allow us to bathe in and awaken the high frequencies of Harmony: gongs, crystal singing bowls & pyramids, singing bowls, body monochord etc. There’s nothing for you to do – only rest as their vibrations play with your energy, body and cells to awaken and allow expansion of the Harmony that’s residing in your being. The old can flow out and what really resonates with who you are can awaken or expand.

It’s light & fluid – I call it sound alchemy.

“Anna’s voice, words, tones & sounds have the power to magically find their way to the depths of my cells, to open my heart and meet my soul. Something has changed in me, unconditionally and for good! Thank you!” /Katarina Modig, Spekeröd, Sweden

We will connect with our hearts and breaths. If you like, you can follow along with my guidance to make humming sounds on the outbreath during the soundbaths. Humming is a powerful and fun way to reset your nervous system and reconnect to your inner power. It’s been scientifically proven to reduce stress & calm the nervous system, release feel-good hormones, improve sleep, kill virus & bacteria and aid detoxifictaion (read more here).

After this e-treat, you’ll have new experiences of Harmony, as well as tools for resting in and connecting with Harmony so it can expand in your life and in the world.

Is This for You?

Maybe you feel something moving in you when you hear the tones and sound that I share. Or it’s time for a relaxing, rejuvenating reboot.
You might be curious to invite Harmony to expand in your life, to deepen or awaken new facets of it.
Or maybe you’re not where you wish or think you should be. There could be conflicts that bother you, or something you just can’t let go of or open up to. A longing to rest and flow and fill yourself from within, independently of outer circumstances.
Or you just feel a calling to allow sound and LifeTones to play their magic with you in a powerful space of heart connection!

Everyone is welcome, no previous experience required.

Curious to Join?

If this tickles somewhat inside you’re warmly welcome to this space of Harmony! Just sign up below. We will be a small, intimate group, so space is limited.
You’re not sure or have questions? Send me an email and we can chat about it.

Sunday November 14th
3PM-7PM CET (=Sweden time kl 15-19)/9AM-1PM EST/6AM-10AM PST
(breaks included)
Online on Zoom
Seats are limited for intimate group
170 USD/1500 SEK

Sign up here for E-TREAT: Embraced by Harmony

You’ll get a confirmation email and an invoice within a few days after you’ve signed up.

Welcome to VoxAnna’s cosy & vibrant soundcorner

Humming for Harmony – Free Online Soundbath Oct 7!

Last time we got together a month ago was SO beautiful and powerful! We were gathering lovely people from four different continents!

I kept receiveing the waves of Harmony that flowed back and forth looong time after. Thank you everyone who joined! You literally make my heart sing 🙂

So let’s join together and do it again!

Read more below, or sign up at the event page, click here

What is Humming for Harmony?

We’ll get together to unveil the Harmony that’s always present, at the core of everything in creation – even during these uncertain times. Let’s tune in to this innate frequency together and allow it to…

Read more

I’m so looking forward to connect heart to heart, with our unique breaths and voices – to co-create a wave of Harmony over the planet!

Free Online Soundbath: Humming for Harmony

Love, Joy, Peace is in the air! Let’s tune in to it together and allow it to emanate HARMONY through us!

I’ll do a harmonising soundbath with crystal singing bowls and guide you to use your own breath OR a simple voice humming to experience and express harmony. It wants to flow through you – all it requires is your yes! It’ll flow through you, for you and for the whole.

HUMMING is a super simple and powerful tool for experiencing & expressing harmony. It’s available to anyone who has a voice! Humming has been proven to reduce stress & calm the nervous system, release feel-good hormones, improve sleep, support the immune system and aid detoxifictaion (read more here).

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is needed – I’ll guide you gently every step of the way. You can rest in your breath for the whole sessionif you like. That’s very powerful and as “good” as humming along! You follow what resonates for you in the moment.

AFTER THIS SOUNDBATH you’ll have a potent tool, easily available for you to quickly reduce stress, connect to your heart and allow your innate harmony to expand.

Send me a message if you have any questions

Thank you for co-creating this wave of Harmony over the planet!


Thursday September 2nd, 7-8 PM CET (Sweden time zone)
(Check your time zone here)
Free online event on the Zoom platform
You’ll receive the link to the meeting when you sign up


About Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna

Anna is a voice artist and soundhealer. She assists with vibrations that tune your system to your innate state of harmony – to who you truly are. Whole & complete here & now!

Anna hears the harmony as a tune within all of creation, and she shares it through LifeTones (voice tonings) & sound.
That’s her contribution to a world where we are at home within ourselves and allow the beauty of the world to be created inside out. Playfully and in harmony with the voice of the heart!

Anna discovered the power of her voice on her own healing journey. Today, people come to VoxAnna from all over the world to receive their own unique LifeTones, to activate dormant potential and integrate new consciousness.

VoxAnna assists through private sessions, retreats & programmes. VoxAnna also develops multimedia for new consciousness.

This Event Was Inspired by Harmony for Humanity

I have the honour of representing Sweden in the free online celebration! On the United Nation’s day, October 24th 2021 we get together for harmony. Read more here about Harmony for Humanity, hosted by Golden Heart Wisdom.

Sign up for Humming for Harmony

Click here to sign up for the free soundbath on September 2nd!

LifeTones of the Winter’s Embrace {Video}

Take a moment to relax, rest & receive…

We had an amazing moment in the deep snow outside my home, photographer Evelin Gyllrenram and I. We were very gently embraced by nature, and we’d love to share this peace of the winter with you!

Use this peaceful piece of LifeTones to reconnect and remember who you truly are, and to assist your system to relax and receive the beauty Life has in store for YOU

Just relax & receive…

Recorded February 2021 at Brännatjärnen in Northern Sweden
LifeTones (voice): Anna Kollberg, VoxAnna
Photo & edit: Evelin Gyllenram

What do you experience? I’d love to hear from you!

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