Private Sound Session Online

Private Session Online: Soundbath with LifeTones [Swedish click here]

I assist you to harmonise your whole system and deepen the path to your Heart. So you can remember your inner treasure chest of unconditional Love, Joy & Peace – and be harmoniously at home at within yourself.

The path to your Heart is HERE NOW. You don’t have to work on yourself or figure out what to release next to finally enjoy being who you truly are!

You just relax, breathe, allow & receive.

Sound is vibration. YOU are vibration. Through the resonance of LifeTones, gongs, crystal singing bowls your system vibrates back to harmony. It remembers!
Deeper aspects of who you truly are, your divine blueprint, can be unveiled.

In our powerful space you’re bathing in the Peace & Love that allow all that is. You don’t have to fight anymore. You can embrace yourself exactly where you’re at. Now!

And the miracles can take place…

Are you ready to find that YOU are already perfect & whole – and that Life is on your side?

Research on the Healing Power of Sound

Research shows that soundbaths assist the body from stress response into relaxation response – the state in which rejuvenation, harmonisation and healing happen. Effects can often be seen within ten minutes, as your brain waves synchronises with the vibrations of the sounds.

Your body is about 75% water – a powerful conductor for the vibrations of sound throughout your body. Circulation, rejuvenation, energy flow is thus promoted.

Research results include decreased blood pressure, decreased levels of anxiety & depression, reduced physical pain. Relaxation, lowered pulse, and a higthened state of wellbeing. Improved sleep. Improved focus.

The sounds are simply vibrations that assist the body to come back to its innate, vibrating state of harmony, all the way down to the cellular level.

How a Private Sound Session Works

We meet on the online meeting platform Zoom (let me know if you’re new to Zoom. It’s free & easy to use on your cellphone, tablet or laptop).
You can share what’s going on for you, if you like.
Then you make yourself comfortable in your space. You may lie down or sit and just relax. With headphones or the speakers of your device.

I tune in to you and guide you into the soundsession. I give voice to LifeTones and play gongs, crystal singing bowls & pyramids, monochord and/or other harmonising instruments. The soundbath assists your system to relax, release and awaken to the New.

My soundstudio in the summer

Afterwards you get a recording of the session, to listen as much as you feel called to. It will assist you to fluidly activate, harmonise & integrate the soundcodes of your session.

Form: 60 minutes online via Zoom. Includes recording of the unique sound & LifeTones of your session


  • Single session: 130 USD
  • 3 months with 3 sessions and follow-up: 320 USD

[Swedish click here]

Want to know more first, or have a special request?

Below, you can get in touch with me if you’re just curious and not sure yet. I’ll tell you more and you can feel into if this is something for you. You can also book me for a group session, maybe for your business or a community.

Gong candles
From my soundstudio in the winter…
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