LifeTones for the Transition

My Dad showed me the beauty of death when he left this life in his body on Earth. It changed me forever.

He came to the hospital where the doctor told us what Dad already knew: he only had a few days left. All children and grandchildren travelled home to say farewell.
Intimate moments heart to heart.

There he was in the hospital bed – old & tiny, yet emanating lightness and a peaceful, profound joy.
My heart overflowed with Love : “Du är så fin!//You are wonderful!”, was all I could say.

He was tired.
He took my hand:

”I know You” //Jag känner igen Dig//
Deep satisfaction behind his closed eyes.
I felt it was true – he saw ME. Who I am. And I saw him!

He looked up at me, his bright eyes flooded with Wonder:

“This is only a body. There is only Life”

I smiled from my heart through the tears.
Wisdom & love flowed between us.
Everything was complete.

“I was on the moor. Fog was lifting. I heard your voice.”
I knew he had just asked me to sing when it was his time.

I was having lunch when I felt I had to go to him immediately.
His wife was by his side.
His face so light & peaceful. Breath thin and shallow.

Tones started to pour out of me. The voice light, solid – clear as crystal.
I saw the Light, I felt his Essence. I became the voice, nothing else existed. The tones kept flowing: LifeTones for my Dad’s transition.

The voice silenced.
Dad had stopped breathing.

There was deep profound Peace. And Lightness!
His almost transparent face had lit up in a new way – he looked up slightly to the right and I could see a smile on his lips.
He was Home.

His last words echoed:
”There Is Only Life”

I knew it was true.

Tack Pappa – jag älskar dig ända in i Evigheten! /Anna

I knew I could assist others the same way with this gift

To sing LifeTones for the transition from Life on Earth.
LifeTones as a bridge, showing the way for a fluid & light transition to the next form of existence.
LifeTones that express the deep Appreciation for the human experience. LifeTones that honour the Life lived.
LifeTones that soothe the loved ones still on Earth.
LifeTones that neutralise any unresolved issues so they aren’t left behind.
LifeTones for completion.
LifeTones for the new journey.
LifeTones from the Heart.

Read more about LifeTones here

How Does It Work?

I do the session remotely. I tune in and invite LifeTones for the person’s transition. I record the tones for you, so that everyone involved who wants may listen several times.
I may do LifeTones for the last days as well as for the transition itself, depending on your preferences and the timing.
If it’s possible, we may meet online or in person before the session.
I do it even if the person already transitioned. This assists their essence to come home in peace.

I offer this service through the gift economy.
You decide the amount – here’s a suggestion how to do that:
Relax and breathe deeply. Put your hands on your heart, and ask your inner knowing what’s the appropriate amount in your specific case. The first number you receive is the most accurate one. There is no lower or upper limit. Trust your heart’s knowing.

You’ll receive the PayPal-address or a card payment link for the donation when I get back to you.

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You’ll receive the PayPal-address or a card payment link for the donation when I get back to you.

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