Your Unique LifeTones: Private Journey

– a profound, playful, life-changing experience with powerful voice tonings that assist you in connecting, integrating & aligning with the Essence of who you are

Time to awaken to the JOY of being YOU?
To receive the gifts of YOU?

Are you ready to receive your own unique LifeTones?

“…made me feel like I was plugged in – it was an electric full body and soul experience that transcended words and brought cleansing tears of release and renewal. I felt like my body had recalibrated to a new frequency when you finished. I have never experienced anything like it… Listening to your LifeTones is a magical experience” /Elizabeth Pinney Hall, US

“LifeTones goes to the depth of your being to resonate OUT all that is not aligned with your highest expression of self/highest truth, and allows it to release, while strengthening and calling IN all that is your highest life!” /Dr. Kim D’Eramo, founder American Institute of MindBody Medicine

Your Unique LifeTones begins with a session where I simply use my gift to tune in to the Essence of Who You Are and give it a voice. The vibrations of the tones speak directly to your system to awaken & integrate new aspects of the Essence in your body. You simply allow & receive what’s already there, ready to awaken, integrate & expand.

Your own Unique LifeTones is when you’re ready to:

  • activate your potential
  • harmonise your system & align with who you are
  • allow the old to transmute
  • be at home within yourself
  • experience plenitude from within
  • access your inner wisdom
  • get a boost from your own source of Joy, Love & Power!

Are you ready to allow & receive more of you?

Your Unique LifeTones: How It Works

There are four parts of the process:

  • the session and recording of your LifeTones
  • your YES and your listening to your tones and to what they awaken witihin you
  • a supportive community with people who are on the same journey
  • assistance from me

There are three options for the session: remote, PLUS, or LIVE. All three incklude a recording of your tones.

  • Option I: Remote session
    When you’ve said yes, I do your LifeTones session remotely:
    I open a powerful space for us, for you, for your LifeTones and for your process of integration, alignment & expansion. I tune in to the Essence of Who You Are and invite your unique LifeTones. I sing them as I receive them, and hold the space to harmonise until it’s finished. Finally, I send the recording of the session to you by email (the tonings are usually between 5 and 12 minutes).
    When you receive the recording, you just make yourself comfortable, relax and open up to receive (you may listen to my guided relaxation). Maybe you want to repeat the track, or just be in stillness after listening – it’s very potent.
  • Option II: PLUS session
    Same as above, with the bonus that we set up a time for the LifeTones session so you can journey along and receive the assistance remotely at the exact same time as I’m doing it.
    You can relax in your space, journey along in silence and open up to receive the benefits of being there at the same time as I’m receiving & singing your LifeTones. Right after our session, you can listen to the tones when I send the recording by email.
    The session is finished within one hour. It opens up for a very powerful experience.
  • Option III: LIVE session
    Same as above, but we meet live on Zoom for your LifeTones session. You relax in your own space and can hear the tones live as they come. Recording included.

The Recording

With all three options you receive the live recording, to play with the tones and listen as much & often as you like! You may play them out loud in your home, work space, or surroundings to upgrade and harmonise your environment. Or you can hold the loudspeaker close to different parts of your body for update & harmonisation.

I’ll guide you through the process in videos, in our private Facebook-group and in your integration call.

LifeTones for the Transition

My father showed the way for this unique and very powerful process when he passed over. Read more here.

I also do Unique LifeTones at funerals – a blessing from the deceased person.

Ready For Your Unique LifeTones?

I would be deeply honoured to sing your LifeTones!
Interested? Let’s get in touch here to chat about it, or sign up below

“I love my LifeTones and feel complete and whole when I listen. They allow me to feel all qualities of the heart at once. The first time I listened, I immediately burst into tears as the first note came out of your mouth. It was like my soul was aching for them somehow, like a reuniting of two people that hadn’t seen each other in years had finally come face to face..” /Nicole Bailey, Pennsylvania, US

“Truly amazing… a personal alignment to remember your whole self – a gift”/ Marie J Ytterman, Varberg

What You Get with Your Unique LifeTones

Your Unique LifeTones

  • Recording of Your Unique LifeTones (downloadable mp3-file)
  • Before session:
    – Video: Preparation, info about LifeTones and the process
    – Sound file: Guided relaxation to prepare
    – Prerecorded LifeTones to assist you in preparing for receiving your tones
  • Same day as session: Video guidance about receiving your tones
  • Your Unique LifeTones Session: remote, PLUS or LIVE
  • After session:
    – Videos: the process of integrating your LifeTones
    – Private Facebook group with assistance from me (videos, LifeTones on current themes etc) and sharings in a loving community of LifeTone travellers where you’re invited just the way you are
    – Integration group call

Upgraded You – Upgraded LifeTones

For you who already received one round of your LifeTones.
You’re always NEW, and when I sing your LifeTones they will always reflect that, and meet you where you’re at with exactly that which is the highest for you right now.

If it’s popping up for you, it’s probably time – you can contact me here if you want to talk about it first.

More Testimonials

“The first time I heard Anna sing, it was literally like hearing angels. I have no other way to describe it. The sounds and vibrations filled my heart with joy and peace. (…)
Listening to LifeTones helps ground me back into my pure essence. I listen to them when I want to connect more deeply with myself, when I want to feel inspired in my work, when I need help trusting that all will be ok….they are immediately transformative and truly like no gift I have known before. Thank you, Anna, for being willing to share your gift with all of us!” /Nicola Kettle Dehlinger, Colorado

”(…) it has been one of the most magical experiences of my life. Playful and light. It was healing for my soul.”/ Rachel Scanlan Lundberg, creator of Lundberg Yoga, Oregon

“The first time I heard you sing, I stopped in reverence and awe. I felt like an angel was singing to the heart of my soul. It resonated with light, beauty, love and a sense of home. It was such a generous gift to bestow” / Laurie Montgomery, US

“You have the voice of an angel. This voice touches my heart so divinely and exquisitely. It feels like it neutralises and harmonises and so gently opens up and allows in what is there ready to come in, like an angel with the divine key” /Tania Russell, Auckland, New Zeeland

“The day before (…) I had the vision that my life was like an electric cord lying on the ground near an outlet but not plugged in. Listening to your music made me feel like I was plugged in – it was an electric full body and soul experience that transcended words and brought cleansing tears of release and renewal. I felt like my body had recalibrated to a new frequency when you finished. I have never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful that you shared your gift” /Elizabeth Pinney Hall, Connecticut

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