LifeTones of the Newborn/Unborn Baby

A Bridge from the Womb to Life on Earth and the New family

Little Vide and his mother showed me a completely new & very powerful way for my voice to assist people.

Vide was born in week 28, three months early. His state was ciritical when his mother texted me: Please Anna, can you sing for him?
They were 800 km away, my mind didn’t get it, but the voice knew exactly…
I sang all day. He came back to his body, became strong and well!

His mother witnessed it and shared with me.

I realised I had sang his LifeTones

Part of Vide’s LifeTones came out as a melody, which became a song that I later recorded with Daniel Fredriksson on lutes. Here’s a snippet:

Part of Vide’s LifeTones that later became a song

What’s LifeTones?

The vibrations of LifeTones assist the baby to be birthed here and to be well & at home in their body in the new family on planet Earth. The tones also assist family members to connect with the baby, and vice versa!

LifeTones can be described as sound that carry frequencies from the Origin of who we are. Sound codes that activate our blueprint and wholeness. They also harmonise what might be out of alignment for the baby and their family.

It works thorugh resonance. Like a guitar string that vibrates when the same tone is playing nearby.

It’s very powerful – far beyond what the mind can comprehend… The tones go straight to the Heart – our highest intelligence.

How Does It Work?

Session. I do a session for the baby where I create a powerful sacred space and tune in to the baby. I check in energetically with the baby and mother if it’s OK to do the tones now. I invite their LifeTones, and when I hear them I sing and record them.

There are two options for the session:
REMOTE: I tune in remotely when the timing is right and then send the recording so you can hear the tones (we don’t meet for the session, it’s very powerful!)
LIVE: we meet online or in person (whether you’re the moter, the father, a grandparent or have another relation with the child), so you’ll be present to hear the tones as they emerge

Recording of the LifeTones. After the session I send the recording to your email. It’s usually somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes long. There will be different parts: soothing & harmonising as well as playful & activating. Some parts are like a melody. Others are more like sound and what I call LightSounds – sound codes that will assist the baby to integrate the energy of their Essence, from the Source, into their body and environment.

Private Community. You will be invited to our private FB-group LifeTone Players for people who received their unique LifeTones, or the LifeTones of a baby, a business/project, or the LifeTones for someone who transitioned. It’s a loving community where you are warmly welcome to share from your heart and receive from others.

Integration Call. Within a few weeks, I invite you to an integration group call online, where you can ask questions and share your experience. I will assist and do a harmonisation for the baby and what’s been going on. You will also hear other people share who received LifeTones during the month. These calls are very rich and profound.

For whom?

You can ask for the LifeTones of your child, grandchild, or whatever relation you have with the baby. It’s such a beautiful and powerful gift!

LifeTones of the Newborn/Unborn Baby Include:

  • Remote session
  • Recording of the baby’s LifeTones
  • A couple of videos to assist
  • Private FB-group
  • One integration group call (online) within a few weeks after you received the tones

The investment for the LifeTones of the unborn/newborn baby is 2500SEK/250USD.
The LIVE version of the session is an extra 1200 SEK/12 USD.

Grandmother Lotta’s experience (in Swedish):

“Anna sjöng fram Frejas Livstoner före hennes födelse på mitt (mormors) initiativ. Jag märker nu efteråt hur Freja påverkas när hon själv lyssnar på Livstonerna. Hon lyssnar och följer, visar i ansiktsuttrycket hur hon blir berörd. Hon känner olika känslor och blir lugn efteråt och hennes blick är än mer stadig och stark. Hon kommunicerar med omgivningen tydligt utifrån sig själv. Anledningen till att jag ville att Anna skulle göra Livstonerna var att stödja Freja att födas och tiden efter. Hennes storebrors födelse var komplicerad. Han föddes tillslut med akut kejsarsnitt . Nu är Freja född (…) den här gången kunde vården hjälpa till att få igång förlossningen. Jag tror att Frejas Livstoner innan födelsen får Freja att minnas vem hon är i mötet med världen. Jag tror det kan vara ett gott stöd för Freja att ha sina Livstoner nu när hon har så mycket runt sig och kanske ibland blir överväldigad av intryck utifrån. Tack Anna än en gång!” /Lotta Eriksdotter Nyholm, grandmother of Freja

Want to Know More?

Drop me a message below to learn more or to order the baby’s LifeTones.

You can also schedule a free exploration call here, so we can connect and see if it’s for you & your baby/grandchild/etc. (I speek English and Swedish)

I’m so looking forward to connect! /Anna

We can schedule a free exploration call and chat about it//Vi kan ses online eller höras på telefon och prata vidare om du vill
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