VoxAnna Soundbaths offer profound & pleasant relaxation, releasing and renewal. Your system is bathed in deeply healing sounds (not water, even though I also sometimes offer soundbaths in a pool!) Online or on location.

While you’re comfortably resting, I sing LifeTones and play gongs, crystal singing bowls & pyramids, singing bowls, monochord etc. The sound codes activate and harmonise your body down to cellular level. Through resonance, it reminds your system of its natural state of harmony & power. It’s an amazing tool to remember who you really are.
Playful & profound!

Research on the Healing Power of Sound

Research shows that soundbaths assist the nervous system & body from stress response into relaxation response – the state in which rejuvenation, harmonisation and healing happen. Effects can often be seen within ten minutes, as your brain waves synchronises with the vibrations of the sounds.

Your body is about 75% water – a powerful conductor for the vibrations of sound throughout your body. Circulation, rejuvenation, energy flow is thus promoted.

Research results include decreased blood pressure, decreased levels of anxiety & depression, reduced physical pain. Relaxation, lowered pulse, and a higthened state of wellbeing. Improved sleep. Improved focus.

The sounds are simply vibrations that assist the body to come back to its innate, vibrating state of harmony, all the way down to the cellular level.

Online Soundbath

I do soundbaths online since early 2019 – it’s very powerful! You rest in your own space while receiving the sound.
My experience is that we open up our extrasensory perception even more when we meet the power of sound online.

Check out the next event here (or have a look at VoxAnna’s events on Facebook).

Soundbath on location

I’d love to come to your workplace or community and do a soundbath for you! Maybe during lunch, after work, or at a kick-off? Just contact me.

I regularly offer soundbaths in North of Sweden (Umeå). I also do soundbaths in water in a pool in Umeå. Check out the next event here (or have a look at VoxAnna’s events on Facebook).

Private Sound Sessions (click here)

Summer Soundbath in the glade by the tarn at Brännan
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