Humming for Harmony – Free Online Soundbath Oct 7!

Last time we got together a month ago was SO beautiful and powerful! We were gathering lovely people from four different continents!

I kept receiveing the waves of Harmony that flowed back and forth looong time after. Thank you everyone who joined! You literally make my heart sing 🙂

So let’s join together and do it again!

Read more below, or sign up at the event page, click here

What is Humming for Harmony?

We’ll get together to unveil the Harmony that’s always present, at the core of everything in creation – even during these uncertain times. Let’s tune in to this innate frequency together and allow it to…

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…create a wave of HARMONY over the planet!

Last time people from four different continents joined:

”…so amazing to reach out to the whole world together with the humming”

”Felt so good to be in your presence, hearing and feel your voice and instruments. I was deeply touched”

”…like bathing in Peace and Harmony”

”…very powerful. I loved the humming. And feeling it around the world”

I’ll do a harmonising soundbath with crystal singing bowls & LifeTones, and guide you to use your own breath OR a simple & profound voice humming to experience and express harmony. It wants to flow through you and it’s already there, inside of you – all it requires is your yes! It’ll flow through you, for you and for the whole. When we allow it, it has the power to embrace & transmute any disharmony that might be residing within us.

HUMMING is a powerful & fun tool available to anyone who has a voice. It allows us to quickly connect with our true selves and our inner natural state of peace, love & joy. And to let it emanate, through sound!

Humming has been scientifically proven to reduce stress & calm the nervous system, release feel-good hormones, improve sleep, support the immune system and aid detoxifictaion.

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE is needed – it’s super simple and I’ll guide you through this process to unveil its gifts for you. You can rest in your breath for the whole session if you like. That’s very powerful and as “good” as humming along! You follow what resonates for you in the moment.

AFTER THIS SOUNDBATH you’ll have a potent tool that’s always available for you to quickly reduce stress, connect to your heart and allow your innate harmony to expand.

(And if you know someone in Asia who’d like to participate, please share the link! Maybe we’ll have five continents this time?)


I’m so looking forward to connect heart to heart, with our unique breaths and voices – to co-create a wave of Harmony over the planet!

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