Do you want to connect deeper? Home in Your Heart: LifeTones & LightSounds for Heart Opening

I can’t really describe the sensations as I opened up for the unveiling energies to come through the voice.

It was part of a harmonisation for the UNVEIL program. A group journey to invite & allow the unveiling of the unique gifts that we all are!

I felt the connection, the voice vibrated …

…and the Heart opened, like a huuuge cathedral. Inviting us through the sound codes to follow a thread of Pure Light all the way to the Origin of who we Are. Each one of us (yes, you too!), and all together. Connecting us to the Treasure, inside. Infinity here now.

When it was complete I took the recording into the sound editor to remove the silence in the beginning. The recording had its own life! New tracks were created – a collage was taking form. I followed, cut and pasted. Amazed by the way something higher was in charge.

This powerful recording is now available –
whenever you want to connect deeper and unveil new gifts of your amazing heart!

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Home in Your Heart – Activation & Harmonisation {Voice Alchemy Audio}

100 kr

What’s ready to be unveiled in you? Heart opening voice alchemy with high frequency sound codes for unveiling the gift that’s already inside you. Both activating & harmonising, whenever you want to deepen your heart connection and open to the wonder of being alive

Listen to a short taster here

You can receive it as a (wordless) meditation, a sound journey, a purifying & renewing tone bath, whenever you want to remember the connection with your Heart that’s always there. To activate it, or to come back Home when you’re feeling out of alignment.

The audios have a profound opening quality, and you may want to begin with asking:

What’s ready to be unveiled in me?

“I’m deeply touched. It’s powerful, and also very light, subtle, pure, and permeating. A profound cleansing shower, an all level renewal. I feel upgraded and filled with new energy – much more joyful and alert, from the inside out! 🎶🥰 “/Marie

“Love it!” /Annika

“Oh, how beautiful – and how deep it goes! Thank you!!! It connected me to what the heart holds, in a wonderful way. Then it went even deeper, into the most sacred 💖🙏💖” /Agnetha

Yes I want to receive Home in Heart>>

More Sound Alchemy

If you are curious after listening to take a next step and have a one-to-one sound session with me, or receive YOUR unique LifeTones – let me know! I’ll tell you more, or we can schedule a free exploration call or a session right away.

May what you truly LOVE be unveiled to you,


Anna with crystal bowl at Brännatjärn
Magic unveiled at Brännatjärn with crystal singing bowl
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