LifeTones for the Plenitude Effect: Harmony

LifeTones for the Plenitude Effect
Harmony: Love, Joy, Peace

Welcome – I’m delighted to share these LifeTones for Harmony with you!

Listen to activate & connect to the vibes of your Heart
…to the song of HARMONY that’s always there, ready to fill you, your life from the inside out!

These LifeTones were inspired by The Plenitude Effect – a project by Golden Heart Wisdom to activate & integrate deep qualities of the heart that are present in every human being.

During this project, I received LifeTones for each of these inherent heart qualities. LOVE, JOY & PEACE are the first three. Together they make up HARMONY.

I hear & feel them as music! I sing my way through opening for & integrating each one of them. The tones play their magic far beyond what the mind can comprehend. They carry vibrations that speak directly to the heart and to the cells of the body, so that the specific quality can be activated within and expand.

Now it’s your turn to play with their power!


(Play: orange arrow, upper left. Download: down arrow, upper right)

SOundCloud Playlist with Love, Joy, Peace & Harmony as Four Separate Tracks:

Inspired by the project The Plenitude Effect, by Sylvie Olivier & Golden Heart Wisdom

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