Releasing LifeTones

Releasing LifeTones gently meet you in the heaviness of old patterns.
Allowing thoughts and emotions to surface.
Gently guiding your attention to the compassion in your heart, where the tones support you with the freeing power of letting go and opening up to the gifts of the old.
So that you can live the freedom that is actually already yours.

Are you ready to say YES to setting yourself free?

Choose Releasing when you:

  • feel drawn to it
  • feel stuck in an old pattern, such as experiences, memories, trauma, behaviours, thoughts,
  • judgements, limiting beliefs that you bought and sold to yourself, identity, self image, etc
  • are stuck in your head, trying to analyse and figure out ”what’s wrong”
  • are on the edge of being ready to let go of something old and receive its gifts
  • are ready to let go and open up to be free
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