Your Second Free LifeTones Track

Welcome back!

Again, I invite you to give yourself a safe & comfortable space to receive what these tones have the power to open up for you. It’s beautiful to be undisturbed for a little longer, so that you can go deeper.

(I invite you to give each track space to integrate in you, and to move on with the next when you feel it’s ready.)

You may put the track on repeat (add it to “next up”), or just be in silence after listening. You can download the track (use down arrow symbol in upper right corner of player).

So, now, aaahhh…. Relax. Breathe. Be present. Allow. Feel.
There’s nothing you have to do right now!
Just be here, now, with your own experience.

Track 2. Releasing LifeTones: From Suffering to Peace

This track is of the quality Releasing LifeTones – read more here
Check out the other qualities here in the VoxAnna LifeTones introduction

Curious of receiving your unique LifeTones? An expression of your unique essence that activates and harmonises on a very deep/high level. Read more here

I’d love to hear from you! What do you experience with these tones? Do you have any questions or reflections? Curious about how VoxAnna can assist you?
Send me a note, and I’ll be happy to connect back!

Stay tuned!


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