Inviting LifeTones

Inviting LifeTones curiously meet the now with open arms. They come with the knowing that life is on your side. In deep trust, they make space and allow protections to fall away – assisting you to be open to receive from all directions.
To receive the new in wonder.
Just like greeting a new day of untapped potential.

Questions to play with, to experince the answers beoynd the mind:

What if it’s safe to open up and receive?
What am I ready to receive?
What is already mine that I haven’t seen/received yet?

Choose Inviting when you:

  • feel drawn to it
  • are curious
  • want to explore and experience something new
  • sense new possibilities in your life
  • are facing change
  • are ready to expand

More about VoxAnna LifeTones – click here

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