Listening Inspirations for Expansion with VoxAnna LifeTones

To assist you to receive optimally from the LifeTones, I gathered some listening experiences. I invite you to try them out, to play with your tones and see what resonates with you!

Let me know how you like to listen – I’d love to hear from you!

The LifeTones are simple, immediate, powerful. Touching our depths and hights. As a bridge to your heart, they have the power to take you beyond the mind and assist you to remember and activate the essence of the phenomena they sing.
If you say YES and allow them into your life you will expand!

To assist your expansion, I invite you to:

Create a safe space. Make yourself comfortable, notice that you are actually safe here & now. Turn off the phone. Feel your breath. Maybe you’d like to put a hand on your heart, feel it. Say hi. Become present to this intimate encounter with yourself. Do whatever is required for you to make space for going deeper. Allow this tonebath to be your own precious, undisturbed moment with you. Gift yourself some time before and after to allow the automatic harmonisation that will happen when you pause.

That said, don’t wait for the “perfect moment”! It might be very fulfilling to listen to LifeTones in the mild everyday chaos while you’re cooking with the children playing around your feet!

Listen several times. The first listening is often like opening the door to your treasure. It’s an upgrade that sometimes initiates a calibration in your system, when it wants to free itself from old stuff in you that’s no longer a match. Then it’s beautiful to assist the body by listening again. You can receive and allow the tones to assist – that’s their nature!
If you feel triggered by the tones, don’t push your listening. Maybe a pause is a fit, or a more soothing toning (ask me if you’re not sure).
It’s not “better” the more you listen – when it’s complete it’s complete.
Feel into it and follow your own flow.

Commitment. Maybe you’d like to make a commitment for yourself. Many people love to have a short morning/evening listening practice. Connect to your heart and feel into what it might look like for you. Maybe listening regularly until the New is integrated in the new space where you’re now residing. Maybe a moment each day when you’re either listening to the tones, or you are still with yourself “listening” and allowing space for the New Rooms that you’ve opened through the LifeTones. What does the New has in store for you? By being still you’re open to receive that. That’s where magic happens!

Say YES & allow. You may ask yourself “Am I ready to (begin to) open up for the gifts the tones have for me?”. All that’s required is that you are THERE to receive. The tones do the “work”. You’re job is to be present to experience whatever will be there. To allow, and even welcome and gently embrace what might be moving during the calibration.
Some experience bliss, others nothing special. Or old patterns might come up physically, emotionally or mentally while they’re leaving you. They might come as contractions or doubt if this really is for you after all… If that happens for you, your commitment might assist you to be there for yourself, to say yes to your yes, and receive the gifts this journey have for you.

Allow & Embrace – your key if you experience heaviness. Invite Love & Compassion for your experience, ackowledge any discomfort, and know that you feel it because it’s already moving out. Remember that what you feel is actually neither positive nor negative in itself. It is what it is, even if it might be super uncomfortable! Connect with the Love in your Heart, breathe into it and allow yourself to rest with it and allow it be there for as long as it is. Unconditionally. At the same time you can allow yourself to be open that there is another possibility for you!
Allowing creates a relaxation and a powerful space for your innate intelligence to take care of this the way it’s designed to.
You may invite any heaviness or patterns to your listening and let them receive the Love & Power carried by the tones. So they can transmute into Lightness & Truth!

Don’t push, be gentle. LifeTones are powerful, even if they seem simple. If you’re feeling destabilised a day you may choose to listen to Soothing LifeTones rather than something activating. (Or pick a soft part of a toning.)

Repeat track, if that feels good, since the tonings are often a short concentrate. (On SoundCloud you choose More: Add to Next to repeat in your browser. In the app you click the repeat symbol in the player. If you Like the track to can add it to a playlist and repeat as you wish).

Headphones give another, often more intimate experience than speakers.

Speakers. Maybe you want to let the tones fill different rooms in your home or work space. Or move the speaker to different parts of the body for activation, upgrade, harmonisation.

Journalling/Sharing/Expressing. Would you like to journal about your experiences? It’s also powerful to share with others about your experiences. The ones you like as well as any ones you don’t like. And if your voice wants to make sound – let it come! Or dance or paint.

Most importantly: Follow your guidance from body & heart and play with the LifeTones the way that suits you on your unique journey. When to listen, where, how often etc. There’s nothing for you to achieve. You can allow yourself to just be present with what is and experience the Flow & Expansion of Life in you!

If you get stuck, want to share or have questions you know where to reach me (your FB-group, integration call, or by email).

I wish you an exquisite journey with your LifeTones!


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