VoxAnna LifeTones – introduction

Welcome to voxAnna LifeTones!

These tones come playfully, carrying the power to touch something deep inside of you that awakens you:
Your compassion and love (for yourself as well!)
Your inner freedom
Your peace with the circumstances in your life
Your dormant potentials
The memory of who you truly are – the knowing that you are already whole and at home within
Yes, your natural innate state of inner peace, joy and plenitude that fills you from within

That which is already prevailing inside of you

What are voxAnna Life Tones?

The LifeTones are simple yet powerful tonings or songs where my voice carry healing vibrations to your body and energy system. They assist your whole being to allow its natural state of harmony and well-being. You may use them as a sound bath, a sound experience or a sound meditation.

Read more here about how LifeTones came into the world!

Try a Free LifeTones Track

You’re welcome to download a LifeTones track here.

Different Qualities of LifeTones on Different Occansions

What kind of track shall I choose? Go with your gut, or click on the links to be inspired by and guided to the different qualities:

How Do I Listen?

I invite you to create a safe space for yourself when you’re listening.
Give yourself a time frame that allows you to go deeper. Maybe 15 minutes, or more if you like. You may put the toning on repeat, or just be in silence before and after listening.

Allow yourself to be still. Do it your own way, or follow my guidance:
Take a few deep breaths, presence yourself in your body and relax.
Tell your body that you are safe.
Say that there’s nothing you have to do right now.
Nothing to achieve or live up to. Only be present to yourself, and feel that you are alive!
Here & now is already your destination- you are alive, and deep inside, your heart is singing just because of this
You may allow thoughts, emotions, physical sensations to come and go
It’s all well
You can notice without holding on to them or trying to make them go away

There’s nothing for you to do with the tones
Just be present & receive; breathe, allow, experience

As you begin, you may gently ask yourself, beyond thought:What am I ready to receive?, and allow your Life Tones experience to be the answer

I wish you many enriching moments with voxAnna LifeTones!

Anna Kollberg, voxanna.com

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